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Luca Saiu

I'm a computer scientist, free software hacker and GNU maintainer, living somewhere in or around Paris, France. Born in another country, I have developed a strong aversion to the very idea of a nation and every flag.

Thirty-something, I don't eat meat, I've quit smoking, I got rid of my car and I'm very happy no longer having one.

I'm a scientific rationalist and an Atheist.

About me [still incomplete]

More information about who I am and what I do.


This page explains how you can write me or meet me.

Public keys

You can verify that my GPG-signed messages actually come from me, and get my SSH public keys in case you want to let me access your machines.

Important miscellaneous items

January 2015: a new translation of mine.

NSA's MORECOWBELL: Knell for DNS by Christian Grothoff, Matthias Wachs, Monika Ermert and Jacob Appelbaum. This is the original in English. My translation is here.

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Luca Saiu
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